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Property Network is a social network that has been built for home owners, movers and property professionals. The application allows estate and letting agents to connect with the social media generation, notably the 33 million active Facebook users in the UK. Property Network currently works with 7,000 estate agents to advertise their 750,000 properties across our portal, our app, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Property Network team are pioneers and are revolutionising the UK property market. By harnessing the power of social media they have attracted over 1 million consumer insights and used this to create over 200 Community Pages, designed to give customers the information they need in today’s property market.

What is a Community Page?

They are local pages to help property professionals learn more about their areas. Hubs for a specific neighbourhood or region which property professionals can utilise to better understand the area’s demographic and to communicate with potential clients. This includes a breakdown of the average family size, job sector, education-level, gender, even music taste, as well as information on local schools, crime and market trends, not just for existing residents but for people who are searching for properties in the area. From this, agents will have more power to understand their market, to predict market changes, and therefore target their advertising more effectively.

Why is it so different?

Community Pages include more information that has never been accessed before. The absence of Up My Street has meant property professionals and consumers have been starved of critical information and Community Pages make that information accessible again, and much, much more. The real-time statistics regarding the demographics and true personality of a community come from social insights only made available through social media.

Why would consumers use it?

The growth of social media over the last decade has radically changed both advertising and consumer behaviour. People trust social media and buy from companies they interact with on social media. They also want more information than a simple picture and valuation on a website. The social media generation craves interaction and that requires a place for them to interact. This is all encompassed within a Community Page.


What is a Community Partner?

Property Network is offering the opportunity for property professionals to sponsor the Community Pages in their surrounding areas. The Community Pages they cover will have prominent links to their website and pictures of their logo, all in return for providing some professional information or advice about the area of their expertise i.e. what is great about the area, what is the local property market like, any tips for buying/selling/letting/renting in the area, what is the personality of the area, what kind of people live there, what there is to do etc.

How does being a community partner generate more business?

In addition to free publicity and traffic directly from our site, sponsoring a Community Page promotes the agency or company as the local experts. Imagine sponsoring the page that everybody goes to for information on the area and how this will help build your brand.

How do I become a Community Partner?

You just need to join Property Network! Not only will you have access to Community Page insights and have the ability to become a Community Partner, your properties will also be advertised across our all platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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